Happy 34th birthday, Robin Scherbatsky!    [July 23, 1980]

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Newborn baby stuns doctors by holding her own bottle (in the UK)

A baby girl has amazed doctors with her ability to hold her own feeding bottle. Two-week-old Ammra was able to grasp her bottle alone just three days after she was born at Queen’s Hospital, Romford in Essex, her mother Onyi Chiedozie said.The 20-year-old, who is using a combination of breast and bottle feeding, said doctors and nurses were stunned by the baby’s ability to master her strong grip so soon after she was born.


Black excellence 

this baby is gonna be a brain surgeon when she’s like 10

For people who are like big deal, she held a cup.

My nephew didn’t hold a bottle till he was like one.  Most babies don’t know how to process gravity or the concept of if you grip the bottle it stays close to you where you can suckle it and if you tilt it back the liquid is accessible and it’s a lot to process for a baby okay.

This baby is way ahead in neuromuscular and cognitive development. She’s one of the xmen probably, it’s really amazing, the equivalent of a baby saying it’s first word at 2 months old ok it’s really amazing

Anybody else thinking superhero? Like her brain is gonna be so strong by middle school she’ll be making books float and reading minds

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suits meme:
favoite female character → donna paulsen

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Requested: S03 Faceless

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this one chirps | society6 | blogspot

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"It’s exciting when you find parts of yourself in someone else."

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"I stay far away from the internet, I use it for, it’s only for cat videos."

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“I come with glad tidings of a world made free.”
“Free from what?”

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♕ 50 pictures of Tom Hiddleston → 34/50 (Source)

50 pictures of Tom Hiddleston → 34/50 (Source)

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